Coffee Culture: How The World Drinks Coffee

They believe that drinking cappuccino after 11 am can affect the digestive system negatively. And they drink a cup of cappuccino standing up quickly before the crema disappears. Espresso, however, can be served all day, you can even make it at home, if you have the equipment, and drink it as an evening digestive.

Mexico Ever tried something called piloncillo on your coffee before? It's actually unrefined sugarcane that has a more natural earthy taste. Cafe de Olla is a real treat because it's served to you in a clay mug mixed with piloncillo and cinnamon.

Senegal Senegal's Cafe Touba is a real delight. It's a coffee cup with a well balanced sweet and spicy taste that's really hard to forget. Cafe Touba is made with Guinea powder and adds a kick to a nice warm cup of coffee.

Spain I'm not a fan of the Spanish Roast because, you know, it just tastes like burned earth. But the reason why the Spaniards love dark roasts is that they love their coffee really sweet. That's why Cafe Bombon is madenot with frothed milkbut with condensed milk, creating that nice layer of milk and coffee in a glass cup that's social media worthy.

Sweden If England loves having their tea time, people in Sweden love having their fika. Fika is their coffee break during ordinary days that are usually set at around 9 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. The love having fika with sweet pastries. And you'll love that you can do it at work too.

A lot of countries have a love for drinking coffee. And naturally, I can't live without it. These are only some of my favorite foreign ways of drinking coffee. You see, coffee is in itself a beautiful culture that's worth to explore and I love every minute of it.

Danger lurks softly; Soft Drinks damaging your Health

Their advertisements are so enticing. The sound of the drink pouring into a class that has ice cubes makes you feel thirsty and before you know it, you have one in your hand. These are soft drinks. They are named soft but what they do to your body can be termed as hard damage.

The biggest risk for regular soda drinkers is the excess calories, says Lona Sandon, RD, assistant professor of clinical nutrition at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. "The calories in regular soda are coming entirely from added sugar, and you're not getting any value in terms of vitamins or minerals, or even good quality carbohydrates," she says.

But soda may also be causing other types of harm. Studies have shown that its consumption is linked with tooth decay and diabetes, and it also seems to be bad for your bones. "It may have something to do with the phosphorus in soda, or it could be that people are drinking soda instead of other beverages—like milk—that have nutrients necessary for healthy bones," Sandon says. Sourced from:

First of all soft drinks do not offer any value to your body. All you are taking in is sugar. Secondly these drinks confuse your body’s operations. Do not get yourself in bubbly trouble.

It confuses your body

Artificial sweeteners have more intense flavor than real sugar, so over time products like diet soda dull our senses to naturally sweet foods like fruit, says Brooke Alpert, RD, author of The Sugar Detox. Even more troubling, these sugar stand-ins have been shown to have the same effect on your body as sugar. "Artificial sweeteners trigger insulin, which sends your body into fat storage mode and leads to weight gain," Alpert says.

It has no nutritional value

When you drink diet soda, you're not taking in any calories—but you're also not swallowing anything that does your body any good, either. The best no-calorie beverage? Plain old water, says Bjork. "Water is essential for many of our bodily processes, so replacing it with diet soda is a negative thing," she says. If it's the fizziness you crave, try sparkling water. Sourced from:,,20739512_5,00.html

Soft drinks do not only come with fizziness. These drinks can also make you violent. This could b due to the fact that they contain so much sugar that makes people go hyper and when you go hyper then there is no difference between you and a person who took a shot of cannabis.

They can make us violent

A study carried out on teenagers found a link between drinking fizzy drinks, violence and the likelihood of them carrying a weapon. The researchers found that even teenagers who drank just two cans a week were more aggressive towards their friends and those who drank five or more cans a week were also more likely to have drunk alcohol or smoked at least once in the previous month.

They can cause premature birth in pregnant women

Pregnant women were warned against drinking diet fizzy drinks after a study taken in Denmark on 60,000 women. Those who drank artificially sweetened soft drinks, whether fizzy or still, were found to be more likely to give birth prematurely. It was thought that the chemicals in the artificial sweetner changed the wombs of the women.

7. They can change your brain

As well as affecting the body, fizzy drinks have been found to alter the protein levels in the brain, which could lead to hyperactivity. Sourced from: